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OSEPA Open Source Policy Statement

Actions of the company for Greek Free / Open Source Software Society (GFOSS)

In the frame of Polis, a report on Municipalities in Helexpo in Thessalonika, Nikos Roussos participated in the workshop of e-tee and of the Association of Engineering / Computer and Information of Northern Greece. He summarized the recent actions of the Company for Greek Free / Open Source Software Society (GFOSS) to use Open Source and Open Content in Muncipalities.

Study of use OSS in Public Sector

The initiative began after several discussions at the Greek Open Source community in order to be presented a realistic strategy for transition to Open Source, accompanied from the corresponding study documentation and taking into account the particularities of the Greek reality and international practices.

Electronic Protocol Application & Assignments

The Scriptum, which recently presented from the European Observatory for Open Source, is now in version 1.0 and used in a productive environment to Deputy Prime Minister. While several organizations have shown interest in using the application, some of which are in the testing phase.

The application was developed following an open competition and is free, along of course with the source code from the official website of the project, while has begun the development of the assiggnments, which will be part of Scriptum.

Application Chart

Under the new legal framework the public bodies are required to have posted on their site the organization chart. This was the reason and the trigger for the development of an application for digitizing and preserving an organization chart. The application is compatible with LibreOffice, free from the repository applications of the Company GFOSS.


Utilizing the technology of Open-Mesh, and after an open call, a network of free wireless Internet access has been created from local agencies and municipalities, which is used daily by thousands of citizens, visitors and tourists. Overall the action is recorded in openwifi.gr.

Wikipedia and Local Communities

The initiative to enrich Wikipedia, recently posted an open invitation to enrich Wikipedia with content from the cultural, natural, folklore, archaeological and wider tourist wealth of Greece.

It is often forgotten that Wikipedia is the seventh most popular site worldwide, which means that a visitor or tourist region is likely to seek information, whether for the same region or a monument or landmark, on Wikipedia than on expensive portal of the corresponding the municipality.

As a result of a call already in groups of two municipalities have begun to gather the necessary material for their area, but also to produce all relevant tourist guides which then can be exploited by other regions to enrich Wikipedia in Greek and in 4 -5 major languages.

Exploitation of Creative Commons licenses

Creative Commons licenses are starting to have the appropriate identification in Greece too, which is evidenced both from the licensing of public data or from the increasing number of Greek musicians in Jamendo. Company GFOSS is the official representative of the organization Creative Commons in Greece, with actions which coordinates via the creativecommons.gr.

Public institutions, municipalities and regions can use the licenses to distribute free data and services to citizens (eg, geospatial data, decisions of municipal councils, etc.

Meanwhile, the interest of shops, cafes, hotels for music free available by Creative Commons licenses continue to grow and therefore it does not covered by collective management organizations of copyright. By this way they save a significant financial burden. Soon there will be more news on this.

Policy Proposals for Municipalities

Finally, in the wiki of ellak.gr has developed a text with policy proposals for Municipalities, which worth disseminated through municipal or regional advisors.

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