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Closure of the 9th OSEPA Workshop

The Final OSEPA workshop took place in Athens on 6th and 7th November 2012.

The workshop explored the usage of Free Open Source Software (FOSS) in the Greek Public Administration (PA) environment. Workshop participants had the opportunity to study and assess selected practices presented by ICT and academic executives working in public and non-profit organizations. Specifically, keynote speakers came from: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the non-profit movement of FreeMoodle.org, the National Documentation Centre, Higher Education, the National Centre for PA and Local Government, the Ministry of Administrative Reform and E-governance, the Greek Free / Open Source Software Society, the Computer Technology Institute and Press, the Iraklio Attica Municipality, and the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change.

On the whole, the workshop was both business and technical oriented. The thematic areas covered include: "Migrating to Zimbra", "Moodle in PA's", "Open Source & Open Standards for the large scale provisioning of reusable open content", "Capabilities of Asterisk", FOSS in Education Services and Data in the PA's", "FOSS for Transparency and Open Government Projects", "FOSS License Issues", "FOSS in Greek School Network", "Open Data Distribution of Demands, Citizens Data & Communications", and "Configuration of an Open Source CMS for e-service Provision, Using Data and Metadata Maintained by Different Public Agencies".

The OSEPA members were also given the opportunity to discuss the lessons learned from the overall exchange of experience of the partnership. The partners had an interactive and productive discussion on the very key aspects of the project. The main results of the OSEPA collaboration will be further analysed in the report on critical success factors and benchmarks of FOSS usage that will be published in the Deliverables section of the OSEPA website during December 2012.

Full workshop presentations can be downloaded here: https://docs.google.com/folder/d/0ByvcW_w-F4XgOGNHYWVEN0FrY28/edit