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Press release 12.10.2012

OSEPA participation at OPEN DAYS 2012

(10th European week for regions and cities)

Between 8 and 11 October 2012, Europe's regions and cities were invited to showcase good practice in regional and urban development and discuss on the future of cohesion policy 2014-2020. The event brought together some 6000 regional policy practitioners from all over Europe to share best practice and reinforce Regional Policy as the main instrument to realise the growth goals of Europe2020 and supporting the EU's exit from the crisis.

Interreg IVC interregional cooperation programme project OSEPA, participated at INTERREG IVC Exhibition section of the event, having generated valuable results and have collected, between other 203 projects, over 2 800 good practices across Europe. Exhibition themes were ranging from Innovation, Research & Technological Development and Employment, Human Capital and Education to Water Management and Energy and Sustainable Transport.

The Exhibition took place at 5th floor of Jacques Delors building, Committee of the Regions, Brussels.

OSEPA "Demo Booth" was presented as a part of the Information Society thematic stand, having as short text information (next to the screen), "This computer runs on free open source software. Didn't think it was possible? Come and see! If you are impressed, sign the OSEPA Policy Recommendation Statement - let's inform policy-makers that there is an alternative to software procurement!".

The OSEPA "Demo Booth" was set up by Computer Technology Institute and Press "Diophantus" (CTI), acting as a virtual machine with several Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) applications installed. These applications are targeted to end-users and/or to European public administrators. Main purpose of the OSEPA "Demo Booth" is on the one hand to make the people that attend the events familiar with FOSS applications and on the other hand to illustrate the advantages that the adoption of FOSS may have.

At the official opening of the exhibition, on 8 October 2012, representative of the project answered questions visitors had, about the "Demo Booth". In addition, some dissemination materials spread, as well as technical information for the Demo Booth installation and a guide on how to sign up the OSEPA Open Source Policy Statement.

Open Days 2012

OSEPA project representative Mr. Sotiris Michalopoulos from CTI, Greece with INTERREG IVC Information Point North, Communication & Project Adviser Mrs Marit LANI, in front of OSEPA stand.

Open Days 2012

The OSEPA stand.