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Czech government says open source document system easy to operate

CzechPoint the Czech government's central information system, is easy to operate because it is open source, says IT consultant Luděk Šafář, who is involved in the systems' IT management. "It does not require complex client applications and it can be used on all computing platforms."

CzechPoint is a Suse Linux-based central information system, allowing the country's public administrations to share their data. It also offers citizens and enterprises access to certified documents and a way to communicate with public administrations.

According to the consultant the system is very successful. "It has 30,000 internal users and last year handled 6,5 million transactions."

A big part of the success is because it is built with open source, Šafář explained at the Osepa conference, which took place in the Czech city of Jihlava on 28 March. "It is open source and that means we do not need complex applications installed on PCs. CzechPoint's services can be accessed from any computing platform. It uses only open standard communication protocols and only open standard output formats."

The system is formed by 6800 access points across the country and can also be accessed via the Internet. The access points are found for example in post offices, the chambers of commerce and in all of the country's embassies abroad.

Each access point provides the same services. Users can access business and trade registries, the land registry and criminal registries. "Citizens don't have to go to each specific public administration to get a verified copy of their document. They can get this at any CzechPoint."

Apart from Suse Linux, CzechPoint uses the Tomcat Java application server. Open source tools such as Mrtg (Multi Router Traffic Grapher), Zabbix and Nagios are used to monitor and safeguard the system.

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Source: https://joinup.ec.europa.eu/news/czech-government-says-open-source-document-system-easy-operate