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OSEPA Open Source Policy Statement

Training sessions and Training centre for FOSS

In frame of OSEPA Project and the operational programme Human Resources and Employment (HREOP), Vysocina Region has designed training sessions in FOSS. They cover training in Open Office package, which constitutes a suitable alternative to Microsoft Office, the most widespread office package in the Czech Republic.

Training is primarily aimed at employees of Regional Authority and its allowance organisations. The training programme corresponds with the idea of implementing the package Open Office in the application architecture of Vysocina Region. Within the implementation process the issue regarding parallel operation of Open Office and Microsoft Office needs to be resolved. The main problem lies in the compatibility of product formats.

Training has aroused interest especially among allowance organisations, who intend to reduce expenses on licensing significantly. The lack of well-designed training was one of the main reasons for low adoption of FOSS applications among allowance organisations set up by Vysocina Region. These training sessions will be followed by training in other FOSS applications suitable for use by Regional Authority and its organisations.

The authority sets up approx. one hundred and thirty allowance organisations operating in the area of social affairs, schooling, transport, culture and healthcare, it employs approx. 11,000 members of staff.