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2013-02-13, by Vysocina

European Commission have declared support for open source

Following the OSEPA appeal and the OPEN SOURCE POLICY STATEMENT intiated by OSEPA Consorcium, the European Commission has expressed support for the idea of open source implemented by public authorities. The Commission also appreciated the effort and accomplishments of the OSEPA project. It acknowledges the benefits of open source and has every intention of supporting open source within the Digital Agenda for Europe.

Letter to Digital Agenda

Reply of Digital Agenda

2013-01-18, by KEDE

Greek municipality of Kalamaria switches to LibreOffice

Trying to save costs where possible, the administration of the Greek city of Kalamaria is switching to the free and open source office suite LibreOffice, the Greek Linux User Group reports in a press release published last Friday. The volunteer organisation is calling for an alliance, to pool the expertise of Greek public administrations, research institutes and the country's open source advocacy groups.

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2012-12-19, by Sambruk

Report on critical success factors regarding the use of FOSS by European public administrations on the basis of the OSEPA study visits evidence

This document provides an overview of lessons learned through study visits and experience exchange in the context of the OSEPA project aiming to assess and facilitate free and open source software (FOSS) uptake in public administrations.

Based on their outcome, it has been shown that success stories in open source can inspire peer organisations and can speed up FOSS uptake when based on proven effective tools and applications that respond to specific tasks and needs and that can be transferred at minimum cost and effort. What has been also emphatically stated is that sharing and communicating good practices in open source is the key to ensuring a smoother integration and gaining political support from higher officials and top managers.

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MOODLE: e – learning software platform

MOODLE: e-learning software platform

Organisation:University of Cyprus, Computer Science Department, Nicosia, Cyprus

In July 2008 the IT department, responsible for the development and support of software application within the Computer Science department of the University of Cyprus, took the decision to adopt the MOODLE platform as an alternative to the proprietary course management system previously used, blackboard. Read More ...

Asterisk telephony system

Asterisk telephony system

Organisation:City of Schoten, Antwerp region, Belgium

The city of Schoten was looking for a new telephony system at a reasonable price. The new system should be capable of integrating new applications, such as SMS (Short Message Service), MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), chat and Skype and also integrating with existing and future installations. Read More ...